Trump National Golf Course worker fired after she complained about sexual harassment: lawsuit
Donald Trump speaking at Turnberry -- (CNN screen grab)

Remember when Donald Trump said that women who are getting sexually harassed at work should respond by looking for work at new companies?

Well, that's allegedly an official corporate policy at the Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter, Florida.

The Daily Mail has obtained court documents relating to a female former employee at Trump National Golf Course who alleges that she was fired from her job after complaining about being sexually harassed by a former colleague.

According to the lawsuit documents, ex-employee Erin Breen claims that she endured months of sexual harassment from a former co-worker named Joe DiPasquantonio, who at the time served as a food and beverage manager at the golf course.

Breen says that DiPasquantonio made constant unwelcome sexual advances toward her, and at one point directly propositioned her for oral sex.

When she warned him to stop his advances, he allegedly replied, "'I don't give a sh*t what these idiots think" because "I'm in love with you, and I will leave my wife for you if you give me a chance."

Since he refused to back off, Breen then went to her supervisor to complain about DiPasquantonio's behavior. She alleges that she was fired for complaining about sexual harassment shortly afterward, although the golf course at the time said she was terminated for time-card theft and gambling at work.

"I followed the rules by reporting it and instead of providing any help, they have retaliated and attacked me," Breen tells The Daily Mail. "They took away the job I loved and worked to make my life a nightmare."

Check out the full report on the sexual harassment suit at this link.