WATCH: CNN’s Trump surrogate struggles to spin his anti-Clinton 'Second Amendment' remark
Image: Donald Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany appears on CNN to discuss Trump's 'Second Amendment' remarks (screen capture)

Kayleigh McEnany -- a spokeswoman for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump -- appeared on CNN Newsroom Tuesday to attempt to explain the candidate's remarks about "Second Amendment people" being the remedy for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's potential Supreme Court appointments.

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks,” Trump said at a rally in Wilmington, NC, “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

McEnany said that what the candidate meant to say was that the NRA should try to stop Clinton from appointing liberal justices to the Supreme Court, not that someone should shoot the former Secretary of State.

"I think he's referring to the fact that the National Rifle Association is the most powerful lobby, hands down, in the United States," said McEnany. "So if anyone can stop a very anti-Second Amendment agenda, it would be the NRA and the Second Amendment folks. And I think when he talks about Hillary wanting to roll back the Second Amendment, he's referring to how she doesn't like Supreme Court jurisprudence on the Second Amendment."

She went on to say that Clinton is against the Heller Amendment, a ruling that gun advocates consider a mandate for every American citizen to possess a handgun. If Trump, McEnany said, wants to distort Clinton's positions, then that's okay because "Hillary Clinton simplifies a lot of his policies."

Watch the video, embedded below: