Watch Eric Trump flail wildly as he tries to explain why his dad won't release tax returns
Eric Trump (CNBC)

Eric Trump appeared Tuesday morning on CNBC to offer a flurry of explanations for why his father would not, should not or could not release his tax returns.

The Republican presidential nominee's son claimed those tax returns wouldn't reveal much because most people don't know how to examine tax returns.

"You would have a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes trying to look through and trying to come up with assumptions on things that they know nothing about," said the younger Trump. "It would be foolish to do. I’m actually the biggest proponent of not doing it."

Donald Trump has so far refused to release his tax records -- as every single major party presidential candidate has done since 1976.

“You don’t learn that much from a tax return, in all fairness,” said Eric Trump, who described his father's returns as a stack of documents "five feet tall."

The younger Trump seemed to argue that the stack of documents standing nearly as tall as the average adult woman would do nothing to put to rest conspiracy theories about his father and his alleged wealth -- which he said could be measured by counting the golf courses and hotels he owned.

"I heard someone the other day, ‘Oh well, Trump has ties to the mob. If he released his tax returns you would clearly see that,'" Eric Trump said. "Are you guys kidding me? You learn a lot more when you look at a person’s assets. You know how many hotels we have around the world. You know how many golf courses we have around the world."

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed he cannot release his tax returns because he's currently under audit, and his son backed his argument with a specious one of his own.

"There is no tax attorney in the world who will tell you to release your tax returns while you're under a standard, routine audit," Eric Trump. "It would never happen. Anybody who thinks that is in la la land."

Just yesterday, back in "la la land," the former IRS commissioner -- a tax attorney -- urged Trump to release his tax returns to the public, like his rivals have done and his running mate has promised to do.

"Releasing this information would have no impact on any pending or future IRS audit of Trump. Zero. None," wrote attorney Fred Goldberg, the former IRS head. "It is a risk-free first step with no downside. While painting a far from complete portrait, it would answer a few of the questions that Trump himself has raised during the campaign: He claims that he makes a lot of money; he claims that he makes significant charitable contributions; and he claims that he reduces his tax liability as far as current law allows."

Watch portions of the interview posted online by CNBC: