WATCH: Fox host floored as Trump fan claims Hispanics are lining up to board the 'Trump train'
Fox Business News host Stuart Varney, A.J. Delgado -- (FBN screencap)

With black voters staying away from supporting the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump in droves, a conservative Hispanic commentator assured a Fox Business News host that Trump has no such problems within her community.

Appearing Fox Business News with Stuart Varney, A.J. Delgado told the host that the Hispanic community is all aboard the "Trump train" in numbers that rival the candidacy of John McCain and Mitt Romney.

"You're a Trump supporter, how is he going to raise his score among Hispanics," Varney asked. "It's not working so far, is it?"

According to Delgado, things are great.

"Actually, Stuart, it is pretty high,"she replied. "If you check the L. A. Times poll, the most recent one has him at 36 percent.  That's far higher than McCain received, that was 31 percent --  and Mitt Romney received, his own 27 percent."

Varney jumped in, telling Delgado, "Hold on a second, that's just one poll. I don't know what kind of poll it is. I don't know if it's an online poll."

"It's an LA Times poll," Delgado replied.

"Can you show any other poll where he's got any degree of Hispanic support at all?" said a skeptical Varney.

Noting there is an NBC poll showing Trump "in the twenties," Delgado questioned voter sampling in the polls as containing too many Democrats -- while disregarding the overwhelming wave of Hispanics who are registering to vote -- specifically with the intent to vote against Trump.

Admitting that the LA Times poll might be high at 31 percent, she then curiously stated that she thought Trump might actually be in the "low-30's"

Failing to back it up with other polls, Delgado then offered up personal anecdotal evidence, stating: "I know every Latino, Hispanic I speak to in my community is certainly on the Trump train, 100 percent," causing Varney to raise an eyebrow.

Watch the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Mediaite: