WATCH: Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog hilariously trolls Trump fans with absurd ads for the candidate
Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog -- YouTube screenhsot

In an absolute beautiful example of trolling, the folks behind Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog brought a group of Donald Trump supporters together to watch ridiculously bizarre and over-the top ads for the candidate to get their approval.

And, being true believers, they gave a big thumbs-up.

Triumph explained that the Trump boosters believed they were part of a focus group helping out the campaign, saying, "We decided to assemble a group of them for an unfiltered view at how they connect with Trump's vision for America."

Among many possible ads for Trump, one used a voice-over by an eerily accurate Trump impersonator stating it would take a year to build the wall between the U.S and Mexico. He then proposed building a temporary "invisible electric fence to keep any illegals out," and that not only would all 150 million Mexicans be forced to wear shock collars -- they would also willingly pay for them.

As an added incentive, each collar would be adorned with "the only thing they love more than crime -- bling. Trump quality."

Asked how they felt about the ad, no one raised any objections or found it far-fetched, but there was some concern that the Mexicans would cut the collars off to "sell the bling," which caused the room to fill with laughter.

Watch the whole thing below via YouTube: