'A real positive thing for all of us': Grateful David Duke thanks Pence for not calling him names
David Duke and Spanish white nationalists (Facebook)

It seems that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is a very sensitive soul who doesn't like being called nasty names.

After Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence repeatedly refused to call Duke "deplorable" over the past two days -- despite the fact that Pence has said the campaign disavows Duke's support -- Duke took to his radio show and praised Pence for not saying anything nasty about him.

"The whole idea that they were trying to make Pence call me names basically, and he didn't bite on that, was a real positive thing for all of us," Duke said in audio posted by progressive advocacy group American Bridge on YouTube.

Duke, an unabashed white supremacist known for his racist and anti-Semitic views, decided to run for the Senate this year after being inspired by the success of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Duke also said on Twitter this week that he was happy to see Pence stand up to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, whom he accused of being a secret agent for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Listen to Duke's grateful praise of Mike Pence below.