Bill Clinton used taxpayer pension to fund foundation and wife's private email server: report
Former President Bill Clinton (AFP)

Bill Clinton used taxpayer money to help fund his family's foundation and his wife's controversial private email server, according to a new report.

Politico reported Thursday that Clinton used the decades-old Former President’s Act, a pension set up in 1958 to subsidize staffers and Secret Service protection, to pay for private business and charitable expenses.

The report found the former president used portions of his taxpayer pension to pay for computer equipment, including servers, housed at the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton also used the federal program to supplement the pay and benefits of employees "now at the center of the email and cash-for-access scandals dogging Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign," reported Politico.

The investigative report -- which the website reported does not reveal any illegal actions -- was based on records obtained from the General Services Administration through the Freedom of Information Act.

The federal act authorizes the GSA to fund the pensions, correspondence, support staff and travel of ex-presidents.