BUSTED: State investigation says white Georgia cop lied about getting shot by a black man
Officer Sherry Hall reportedly staged her own shooting and fabricated evidence (Jackson County Police Department)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said Friday that Jackson, GA police officer Sherry Hall lied when she said she was shot by a black male suspect while on duty.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Hall is now facing multiple criminal charges including evidence tampering and giving false statements to investigators.

GBI spokesman Scott Dutton said that Hall has turned herself in and is in custody.

Hall originally said that while she was on patrol on Sep. 13, she saw lone black male standing at the edge of a wooded area in Butts County. She said she exited her police cruiser and asked the man if he needed help, at which point he drew a firearm and shot her, striking her body armor, which was credited with saving her life.

Investigators said, however, that her story began to come apart almost immediately upon investigation.

“There never was a suspect shooter in this case,” Dutton told the AJC. “Investigators followed the evidence in the case.”

WLOX.com reported that Hall's record shows a previous felony conviction in Spalding County, GA for first-degree criminal damage to property. After that arrest and conviction in the 1990s, Hall spent five years on probation.