Charlotte woman schools Fox reporter questioning her for protesting Keith Scott shooting
Unidentified Charlotte woman speaking to Fox (reporter -- Fox screen grab)

A protester out on the streets of Charlotte on Wednesday night to draw attention to the shooting of Keith Scott ran into a local Fox reporter who questioned why she felt it was important to put herself in danger as police and fellow protesters faced off with each other.

What he got what a brutal lesson in what it is like to be black in America.

"Black people get shot everyday, right?" the unidentified woman began. "It's okay for them, right? It's okay for our fathers and our brothers not to come home, right?

"May I ask you one question: why you are here?" Fox reporter Steve Harrigan said. "If a man was shot about fifty yards over there, and we don't know by who, why are you here?"

"Why am I here? Because I serve a purpose, sir. Because my father serves a purpose, my brother serves a purpose." she exclaimed. "I'm here, because guess what? I'm here, I'm in school, I'm in my car. Okay, you said a man got shot over here, right? So you basically said why would I put myself in danger? Because I could be at work, in school, in my car -- I could still get shot by the police!"

Watch the video below uploaded by Mediaite: