Colbert: Trump flopped because there is only room in his head for 'ethnic slurs and different wife names'
Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- (Screenshot)

Twenty-four hours after the first of three Presidential debates leading up to the November election, Late Show host Stephen Colbert was still talking about it and ridiculing GOP nominee Donald Trump's disastrous performance.

Noting that Trump "had problems with the truth last night," the CBS host pointed out that the GOP nominee "made more than 34 comments that were either lies or misstatements, while Clinton was tagged with four."

'It's no surprise really, " Colbert continued. "Before the debate Politico analyzed a week's worth of Trump's speeches and found that Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds -- which is damning."

"A lot of people said Trump didn't seem prepared --- possibly because he was not. Apparently Trump's advisers said  it was a waste of time to try and fill his head with facts and figures" Colbert explained showing an excerpt from a New York Times article.

"Right, it's wasting time," he quipped. "There's no room in there, it's already full of ethnic slurs and different wife names."

Watch the video below from CBS: