Driver who plowed through Michigan students protesting ‘leave n*****s’ graffiti may face no charges
SUV speeds through group of protesters (YouTube)

An SUV driver was questioned -- but not charged -- after plowing into a group of students protesting racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan University.

Staff members discovered the messages, scrawled in red, white and blue spray paint, on Tuesday at Julia Anne King Hall and alerted the university's department of public safety, reported the Detroit Free Press.

The vandals spray-painted "KKK" and the words "leave n*****s" inside the building.

The university president, James Smith, condemned the message and promised to investigate the racist vandalism.

A group of about 150 students gathered at 5 p.m. at Welch Hall and then marched toward the university president's home, temporarily blocking a street near an intersection in Ypsilanti.

Video posted online shows an SUV drive slowly through the group of students and then accelerate past them.

The students scream in terror as the vehicle speeds away, but witnesses said no injuries were reported, although the SUV struck a motorcycle during the incident.

One of the students described the driver as a woman, and sheriff's deputies said they later questioned the motorist but did not file any charges.

Authorities did not release any information about the driver, but the incident remains under investigation and charges may potentially be filed.

A spokesman for the Washtenaw County sheriff's office mentioned that some of the student marchers had participated in the past in Black Lives Matter protests, but it wasn't clear if he brought it up himself or made the statement in response to a reporter's questioned.

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, a conservative blogger and newspaper columnist, was briefly suspended from Twitter on Thursday after urging vehicular violence the night before against black protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Demonstrators blocked Interstate 85 on Wednesday as part of protests against the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, and Reynolds, known as Instapundit, tweeted, "Run them down."

USA Today, which publishes his columns twice a week, suspended Reynolds for one month.

The university is also investigating Reynolds' "irresponsible use of his platform."

Update: Authorities clarified that the SUV incident remains under investigation and that charges could be filed.