Geraldo Rivera: Trump is 'blowing it' with birther antics -- Clinton will be back on top 'by Monday'
Geraldo Rivera -- Fox & Friends screen grab

Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera tore into Donald Trump on Saturday morning, saying the GOP presidential candidate's Friday birther press conference -- along with his inability to stay on message -- will have a negative effect on his recent gains in the polls.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Rivera stated that Trump should have just apologized and moved on, but instead chose to extend the controversy even more by trying to blame it on Hillary Clinton.

"He really could have gotten a lot of good will for this hotel," Rivera said, "but instead he made everybody angry with this bait-and-switch. They'd come to hear him on the birther business, which he totally created and promulgated and continued for many years."

"They came to hear him say, 'You know something, I was wrong about that' or 'This is in my basket of regrettables, I'm sorry I went down that road,'" he continued. "Instead, he just sticks it to everybody, thumbs his nose -- and this is an example, again, of that lack of discipline. Why can't he stay on message?"

By dredging up the birther circus again, Rivera said, "You stick it to every black person, you stick it to every college kid that cares about black or brown or red or yellow...I think it's an example of an unforced error that he didn't need. And I'm telling you, this is my prediction: By Monday afternoon, the polls will have begun to swing back to Hillary Clinton. He has succeeded in blunting his own momentum."

Trump needs to get back on message, he said. "Don't blow it. This feels like blowing it."

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