Giuliani at Christian event: Torturing terrorists may be more humane than killing them with drones
Rudy Giuliani speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Top Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani went to the Values Voter Summit today to talk about two subjects near and dear to his heart: Drone strikes and torture.

CNN reports that while being interviewed by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Giuliani slammed Barack Obama for killing too many terrorists, and said we might be better off capturing them and waterboarding them instead to get more information out of them.

"Rather than capturing people because Obama didn't want to fill up Guantanamo, he used drones to kill them," the former New York mayor said. "I also can't figure out for the life of me what's more humane -- waterboarding or killing somebody with a drone. At least if you're going to waterboard me, I get a choice: I can tell you the information, I can talk my way out of it."

Waterboarding is a torture technique in which water is poured over a prisoner's mouth while they have a cloth covering up their face. It is intended to simulate the sensation of drowning, and has been barred by President Obama as a proper method of interrogating suspected terrorists.

Donald Trump has vowed to not only bring back waterboarding, but also bring back things that are "a hell of a lot worse" than waterboarding if he's president. The Republican candidate also expressed a willingness to try American citizens accused of terrorism in Guantanamo Bay.