Glenn Beck piles on 'hurt 13-year-old boy' Milo Yiannopoulos: 'You have become that bully'
Milo Yiannopoulos speaks to 'Nightline' reporter Terry Moran in an interview published on Sept. 2, 2016. (ABC News)

One of the strangest things that's come out of this election season has been talk radio host Glenn Beck attacking other conservatives for being bigoted bullies.

This is strange because Beck himself was once seen as the craziest, nastiest conservative pundit on the block who became notorious for comparing Barack Obama to Hitler, and whom Fox says was nudged out the door after advertisers kept fleeing his show.

That said, it seems even Beck is repulsed by the online harassment campaigns routinely carried out by provocateurs such as Breitbart News writer Milo Yiannopoulos.

Via Mediaite, Beck piled on Yiannopoulos this week in a Facebook post where he called out Milo for acting like a "hurt 13-year-old boy" after he whined about getting his Twitter account banned in the wake of his harassment campaign against comedian Leslie Jones.

"I don't know what pain you had to go through to make you so cold and distant from any feelings of compassion and basic kindness but causing hurt makes you into the monster you are running from," Beck wrote of Yiannopoulos's defense of his harassment campaigns against others. "You can hide behind anything that helps you sleep... but at some point you will come to the realization that you have become that bully that hurt you so deeply in the past."

For the record, it's never been clear just how sincere Yiannopoulos is about any of his views, as he mostly seeks to stir the pot in an effort to draw attention to himself.

Nonetheless, Beck's post against him is worth reading -- check it out below.