'Jon Stewart' of Egypt rips Trump on immigrants: He uses 'hatred' to cover up his 'incompetence'
Bassem Youssef via YouTube

A popular comedian, known as the "Jon Stewart of Egypt," is bringing his satirical news show to the U.S. and already has a few things to say about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump -- and none of them are flattering.

Bassem Youssef's brand of political humor ended up getting him pulled from Egyptian televisions so he's coming to American audiences via webcast by Fusion to fill the void left by Daily Show host Jon Stewart who handed over the reins to comedian Trevor Noah -- but not his wit.

In an interview with CNN, Yousseff said he has taken note of Trump's demagogue act and it reminds him of leaders in his home country.

Specifically addressing Trump's "xenophobic" stance on immigrants, Yousseff said he found it ironic in a country built by immigrants and mentioned Trump's appalling attitude toward refugees escaping Syria.

"This kind of rhetoric --- spreading fear and suspicion against the other -- is not something new. We're used to it in the Middle East," Youssef explained. "You always need something to hold on to, an enemy to direct your hatred to, to cover up your incompetence and cover up your failure."

"I can't even being to express my sorrow and sadness towards those people," Youssef continued. "(Leaving their countries) is not a luxury thing for them. This is out of necessity, out of survival.  It is this systematic dehumanization of the other is why we have a negative outlook on refugees."

You can watch a sample of Youssef's work below, which has a familiar 'Jon Stewart' feel to it: