Kayleigh McEnany smears Trump-exposing Miss Universe Alicia Machado by comparing her to a terrorist
Kayleigh McEnany on CNN - screencapture

Tuesday night, Donald Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany may have gone a bridge too far when she defended the presidential nominee from attacks from a former beauty queen he publicly fat-shamed as she equated her with a refugee who set off bombs in New York City.

Trump has been under fire since the Monday night debate, after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called him out for his treatment of women -- in particular, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

McEnany first defended Trump making Machado having to workout in a gym in front of reporters, saying "She didn't have to do that," only to be shouted down as it was explained to her that Machado was a Trump employee.

She then attempted dismiss Machado's claims over being called "Miss Piggy" and Miss Housekeeping" when she was employed by Trump after winning one of his beauty pageants.

McEnany cited a tabloid article claiming Machado once threatened the life of a judge in her native Venezuela, leading to some squabbling on the panel.

After it was pointed out that Machado just became a U.S. citizen and that she would never have passed a background check if such allegations were true, McEnany blurted, "It can't be very tough because we just had two refugees, one setting off bombs in New York City, so it can't be that big of a risk."

Watch the video below via CNN: