Maureen Dowd: Trump says violence against protesters and press adds 'excitement' to his rallies
Maureen Dowd speaks to CNN about violence at Trump rallies (Screen capture)

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said on CNN Saturday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told her that the violence against protesters and reporters at his rallies adds to the "excitement."

"Donald Trump listens to you," said CNN's Michael Smerconish. "When you raise with him concerns or questions, it seems like he's interested to know what Maureen Dowd is thinking."

Dowd replied that yes, she has had conversations with Trump where she has raised concern about aspects of his campaign.

"I told him that it was wrong that there was violence being incited at his rallies and that reporters were being roughed up," said Dowd to Michael Smerconish. "And he paused, you’re right, he did listen, but then he disagreed and said he thought the violence added a frisson of excitement.”

She went on to say that when she asked why Trump was calling so much attention to Bill Clinton's affairs when his own private life has been tabloid fodder on multiple occasions, Trump reportedly said, "Well, I wasn't the president."

Trump responded with a series of angry tweets calling Dowd "wacky" and "neurotic."

Watch the video, embedded below: