Neo-Nazi Trump supporter arrested for blasting taped hate messages at Oregon anti-violence rally
Neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr has painted his truck with the slogan "Trump: Do the White Thing" (Source: Twitter).

Jimmy Marr, the Trump supporter who drives a truck emblazoned "Trump: Do the White Thing" messages, was arrested for disorderly conduct, station KATU reported. Police charged that Marr had put a hate message on continuous loop.

Marr installed a large speaker on top of his building. The speaker piped out the message at a group that was rallying against hate crime in a nearby park. Approximately 30 people lodged a complaint against the noise.

Marr is a known Holocaust denier and white supremacist. Marr has previously described Donald Trump as a "Red Pill." "Red Pill" refers back to the film, The Matrix, and is associated with Men's Rights Activists and white rights.

Marr said he "was only trying to get his message out."