'None of that is true': Charles Blow levels GOPer whitesplaining how blacks will prosper under Trump
Charles Blow speaks to CNN (screen grab)

On Monday night , New York Times columnist Charles Blow brutally smacked down one of Donald Trump's advisors who smugly made a stab at explaining how a Trump presidency would be a boon to the black community.

Appearing on CNN,  Blow sat stone-faced next to Trump spokesperson Betsy McCaughey as the former New York politician moved on from calling former Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" comment about racism "awful elitism."

She then bluntly stated: "Let me point out what I see is the racism in this campaign."

"Whenever African-American are addressed, the big issue is avoided," she began. "The economic issues as if they can't understand it or it doesn't apply to them. When, in fact, under this Obama/Clinton economy that is limping along at 1.2 percent, African-Americans have been hurt the worst."

"African Americans have the most to gain, but neither Mrs. Clinton not the media focus on that." she continued.

Asked by CNN host Don Lemon to respond, Blow unloaded on McCaughey by first telling her, "None of that is true," and then shut her down when she tried to interrupt.

"Donald Trump has not put forth a real solid plan that addresses anything about the African-American community," he stated. "All he has done is go in and  pander to African Americans so he can get white women to vote for him."

"That is the only thing that Donald Trump has done," he continued as his voice began to rise. "And that itself is a form of bigotry. That kind of pandering is a form of bigotry. And let me be super super clear about something. There are bigots in this country. There are sexists, there are xenophobes in this country. They're everywhere, they vote too. Some of them will vote for any candidate. They will vote for Hillary Clinton. The big difference is, whether or not you are going to pitch to that population or they will have to vote for you in spite of you condemning them."

Watch the video below via CNN: