Palin Redux? WATCH: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson unable to name one world leader he admires
Gary Johnson -MSNBC

In a moment that recalled Sarah Palin's inability to name what newspapers she read, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson was flummoxed when asked to name one foreign leader he admired during an MSNBC Townhall.

Asked by host Chris Matthews who he admired, Johnson sat silently before admitting that he was having an "Aleppo moment," recalling a previous interview where he seemed to have never heard of the war torn Syrian city.

Pressed by host Matthews, who told him, "You have the whole world to choose from," Johnson finally said, "the former Mexican president."

"Which one?" Mathews shot back.

Again Johnson drew a blank, and needed an assist from his running mate, Bill Weld, who threw out the name of Trump-adversary Vicente Fox, which met with Johnson's approval.

Watch the video below: