Sam Bee nails media for election coverage: Why can't you 'tell us what's true and what's bullsh*t?'
Sam Bee on Full Frontal -- TBS screenshot

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee made her triumphant return Monday night and, after joking announcing that Hillary Clinton had passed away ("She says she’s not dead, but as we know she is a liar"), she took her shots at the failings of presidential forum moderator Matt Lauer and the media in general.

Ridiculing the forum format that had a woefully unprepared Lauer asking the candidates questions while ex-military members were sidelined and given little time to query the candidates, singling out "draft dodging" Donald Trump.

"I bet the veterans have some things they'd like to ask a draft dodging, Gold Star family insulting, a war-crime advocating torture-phile whose worst Vietnam flashback involves scrambling for the last plane out of Gonorrhea," she suggested.

While stating, "Why can't the media just tell us what's true and what's bullshit?" she saved most of her ire for NBC's Lauer.

After sharing clips of Lauer harping on Hillary's emails, Bee unloaded on him.

"Oh, come on, Matt," she ranted. "Do you really think there is an email smoking gun that the Inspector General, a House committee, the FBI and 18 months of nonstop news coverage couldn't find, that will be magically uncovered by seven minutes of questions from a human Splenda whose crowning journalistic achievement is not knowing where the f*ck he is?"

Watch the video below via Crooks and Liars: