'Scottie, that is not factual': Trump surrogate gets shut down for blaming 'Birtherism' on Clinton
Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes speaks to Bakari Sellers and CNN's Poppy Harlow (Screen capture)

Scottie Nell Hughes, a surrogate for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got fact-checked on the air on Saturday by anchor Poppy Harlow and activist Bakari Sellers.

Harlow pointed out that among nonwhite voters, Trump is trailing even third party candidates in recent surveys, to which Hughes replied that the candidate has had rallies "all over the country" where the "doors are open" to everyone, regardless of race.

Sellers countered that Trump isn't going to get a "participation trophy" just for showing up in one black neighborhood.

"I know that many surrogates and many supporters of Donald Trump like to take the man away from his baggage," Sellers said, "but you can not sit here and not remember that Donald Trump is the one who supported the 'Birther' movement -- and just yesterday in Philadelphia he refused to even apologize for it."

Sellers pointed to Trump's refusal to rent to black tenants in New York City and the full-page ad the former reality TV star took out in the New York Times calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five.

He quoted the late author Maya Angelou, who said, "When someone shows you who they are, you need to believe it the first time."

When it comes to the housing discrimination lawsuits, Hughes said, that was "probably 30, 35 years ago" and besides, "obviously Mr. Trump addressed it."

"Unfortunately, as we have seen this campaign season, the press has tried to trap him in different aspects," she said.

Klansman turned Louisiana politician David Duke's endorsement of Trump, she went on, pales next to Clinton's endorsement by the "California grand dragon KKK leader today, who is out there making promotional videos on his own accord but still putting out there. Hillary Clinton has yet to disavow him, so there's ties on both sides."

"Scottie, what are you saying there?" Harlow asked.

"I'm saying that Hillary Clinton has actually stronger ties, that has not disavowed a KKK endorsement," Hughes said.

"Bakari?" asked Harlow. "Your response?"

"Scottie and any other surrogate and Donald Trump himself are going to have an extremely hard time with this argument," said Sellers. "I think they're actually going down the wrong path that somehow Hillary Clinton is the bigot in this situation, or has some racist past or racist history, because that's simply not the case."

Hughes made a hail-Mary pass, trying to pin the Birther movement on Hillary Clinton, saying it was a member of her staff who brought it up during the 2008 campaign.

"Scottie, that is not factual," said Harlow. "That is not factually correct. Hillary Clinton never questioned the birthplace of Barack Obama when she was running against him."

Watch the video, embedded below via Almutaz Bur News Network: