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Surrogate stumped when asked how Trump will fix Flint water: ‘First we’re going to build the wall’
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In a conversation about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s visit to Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, a conservative radio host and Trump advocate was caught flat-footed when asked to illuminate for a CNN panel how the candidate plans to improve Flint’s water infrastructure.

After attempting to blame Flint’s poisonous water on the Democratic administration of the city — only to have it pointed out that only Republicans were being indicted — radio host Andy Dean said told guest Bakari Sellers that Trump had a plan for Flint and had experience in developing infrastructure.

“Donald Trump has been building infrastructure his entire life,” Dean asserted as analyst Maria Cardona shot back,”To enrich himself!”

Lemon paused Dean, saying, “That’s not what he asked you, Andy. He asked if Trump has an infrastructure plan.”

After a pause, Reed answered, “Trump has an infrastructure plan, absolutely on his website.”

“First we’re going to build the wall. Second we’re going to repair our highways and bridges,” he continued as the panel began to laugh,”And Flint Michigan is an example of when there’s a water crisis, we’re going to fix it!”

Watch the video below via CNN:

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