'The pot can't call the kettle black': Whoopi Goldberg shreds Trump for hinting at Clinton adultery
The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg -- (ABC screen grab)

The panel of ABC's The View invited Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook on the show Tuesday to recap Monday night's debate, with all in agreement that it did not go well for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Going bit by bit through the debate, Mook was asked if Clinton was prepared to address Trump should he bring up former President Bill Clinton's affairs as the GOP nominee hinted late Tuesday night.

"She's tough she's ready to talk about any thing," Mook replied. "You know for me. This election is about families it's about how our kids get a good education it's about how we all get quality health care it's how we create more jobs get wages rising. How in the world has bringing that up help us talk about those issues?"

'But here's the thing," Goldberg began as she jumped in. "The pot cannot call the kettle black, okay. Because, on one hand, you're talking about her husband. That's not her, she didn't transgress! So bringing that up only opens another can of worms that I'm pretty sure you don't want to open up."

"He [Trump] is not as open about that as he thinks, because he stomped his feet a lot last night," Goldberg added before mocking Trump for complaining that Clinton was "so mean" to him.

Watch the video below via ABC:

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