This devastating video reveals how undecided voters reacted to Trump's dismal debate performance
Two undecided Pennsylvania voters fume at Donald Trump's debate performance (Screen cap).

GOP pollster Frank Luntz gathered a group of 27 undecided voters to watch Monday night's presidential debate, and he told CBS This Morning that many of them were actually angry at Trump's performance.

When Luntz asked the voters to describe Trump's performance in one or two words, the responses included "missed opportunities," "bombastic" and "not presidential."

And that's not all: When Luntz asked voters to explain how they felt about Clinton's explanation for using a private email server as Secretary of State, one voter pointed out that at least she took responsibility for it and said she was wrong -- which is something that Donald Trump never does.

"She takes responsibility for doing something wrong, whereas he just, again, continued to deny any wrongdoing," the man said.

A black voter name Sabrina, meanwhile, couldn't stomach Trump's remarks on race.

"He was completely offensive," she said. "He lost me on the racial unity [question], and that's where I draw the line."

A voter named Judy was even more blunt -- when asked what she would tell Trump if he were in the room with her right now, she said she'd "tell him to answer the question that is asked of him. And then. Stop. Talking."

Luntz asked the other people in the room if they agreed with her, and he got a loud and enthusiastic "yes" from the crowd.

Luntz told CBS on Tuesday that the voters also grew frustrated when Trump interrupted both Clinton and Lester Holt, and he said that the voters "were mad at him" by the end of the debate for dodging questions about his tax returns.

Check out the whole segment below.