Tomi Lahren: Lesbian soccer pro should be grateful America doesn't throw gay people off buildings
Tomi Lahren has unkind words for soccer star Megan Rapinoe (Screen cap).

One of Tomi Lahren's favorite arguments to use against anyone protesting anything about life in the United States is to tell them they should leave the country if things are so bad here.

She did this with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last week, and she's doing it again this week with professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

Rapinoe, in case you haven't been following, decided to kneel during the national anthem this week in solidarity with Kaepernick, while also saying that "we need to have a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country."

This really set off Lahren, who posted a video fuming about how ungrateful Rapinoe is to live in a country where gay people aren't torn apart by angry mobs.

"You look at that flag and you hear that anthem, and it disgusts you, huh? Because the United States of America doesn't respect your liberties as a gay person?" she asked rhetorically. "Hey Megan, do you know what they do to women and gay people in many countries around the world? They stone them and throw them off buildings!"

Yes, that's right: Taking a stand against police brutality in the United States is an ungrateful act because the cops could be throwing you off buildings instead.

Check out Lahren's full rant below.