Trump surrogate goes down in flames trying to claim Hillary treats women worse than Donald
Joe Borelli and Karine Jean-Pierre (CNN)

A Donald Trump surrogate crashed and burned while trying to explain his candidate's latest attacks on Hillary Clinton and her marriage.

CNN's Chris Cuomo questioned spokesman Joe Borelli about the Trump campaign's attempts to shift the focus from the Republican nominee's poor debate showing to the 1990s-era infidelities of former President Bill Clinton and his wife's reaction to them.

"It is going to start a devolution in this campaign the likes of which we've never seen," Cuomo said. "Because Donald Trump, as we both know, is no one to get on a high horse and talk about morality."

Borelli, a New York City councilman, said complaining privately about women who conducted affairs with her husband was the same -- or even worse -- than Trump calling beauty pageant winners fat and forcing them to exercise in front of the media.

"The issue is not Bill Clinton himself or what he did to these women or what he did not do, it's the treatment that Hillary Clinton gave to the women after they accused Bill Clinton," Borelli stammered.

Cuomo reminded Borelli that this line of attack would open up the twice-divorced Trump's past romantic relationships and rape allegations to public scrutiny.

"If the media's okay to taking some unsubstantiated claim from (Alicia) Machado and bringing her out and giving her a carte blanche about something that happened 20 years ago," Borelli said, before Cuomo interrupted him.

Cuomo reminded Borelli the former Miss Universe never claimed she had an affair with Trump, only that he publicly and repeatedly insulted her.

"If the media and exactly what Hillary Clinton did to Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky -- who started an anti-bullying foundation after the way that Clinton and her surrogates treated her in the 1990s," Borelli said. "So if you want to give a platform to Miss Machado, then yeah, you should give a platform to Gennifer Flowers and the Juanita Broaddricks of the world, and the people who have things to say about how Hillary Clinton treated them in the '90s."

Karine Jean-Pierre, the national spokesperson for MoveOn, rolled her eyes as she listened to Borelli compare Clinton's treatment of women to Trump's.

"If Republicans decide that going after Bill Clinton for something that happened 20 years ago," Jean-Pierre said, fending of an interruption from the Trump surrogate. "Hold on a second -- going after Bill Clinton for something he did 20 years ago, they're going to lose more women voters. There is only one candidate out there who's calling women bimbos."

"Hillary," Borelli insisted. "In the '90s."

"There's only one candidate out there who's calling women fat," said Jean-Pierre, laughing off Borelli's interruption. "There's only one candidate out there who's insulted (and) disrespected women over and over again, over the last 14 months -- heck, over the last, you know, 70 years of his life -- and that's Donald Trump."

"Bimbo was a word Hillary Clinton used in the '90s to describe these women," Borelli offered, as Cuomo shepherded the program to a commercial break.