Van Jones bursts Trump fan's bubble: Hillary's doing better with blacks than Obama
Van Jones, Paris Dennard -- (CNN screen grab)

Political analyst Van Jones burst the hopes and dreams of a Trump booster Tuesday night on CNN who claimed the GOP presidential nominee is making inroads with black voters after his visit to a Detroit church over the weekend.

Speaking with host Anderson Cooper, Trump advocate Paris Dennard said he saw a groundswell for Trump reaching the heights of 8 percent with African-Americans in one poll.

"There are a lot of cracks with the Democrats and especially millennial African-Americans," Dennard remarked. "They don't trust Secretary Clinton, and so when you see the CNN poll showing that Mr. Trump is leading across the board as it relates to enthusiasm, when it relates to honesty and trustworthiness --" he continued before he was cut off by Cooper who gave Jones a chance to respond.

"Listen, all this stuff sounds good when you say it, Paris," Jones began. "But the reality is that Hillary Clinton has done an extraordinary job, African-American support for her equals and sometime surpasses Obama himself, which we thought was impossible."

As Dennard shook his head, Jones stated, "He may be improving, but he's improving from such a low place that you're getting excited about him almost catching up to Romney."

Watch the video below via YouTube: