WATCH: Comedian Sheryl Underwood makes deeply moving plea for an end to police violence
'The Talk' panelist Sheryl Underwood says she is afraid to drive her car due to police violence (Screen capture)

On Wednesday, comedian Sheryl Underwood made an impassioned plea on CBS's The Talk for an end to police violence against black Americans.

The panel was discussing the shooting of Terrence Crutcher by Tulsa, OK police, which took place last Friday night.

Crutcher was unarmed and dash camera video of the shooting raises serious questions about officers' version of events.

"The first thing you've got to do," Underwood said, "you'e got to make it a hate crime" when police shoot nonviolent suspects of color.

"You've got to put people in jail," she said. "When you shoot somebody under the cover of authority, you need to lose your job and you need you need to lose your license and you need to lose your freedom like every other American loses their freedom."

"Remember, there are good police officers out there," Underwood said, to which the audience roared its approval. "And the ones that are not, they need to go to jail."

Her voice wavered as tears welled up in her eyes.

"They need to go to jail, and don't tell me this 'We got to train,'" she went on. "Y'all white," she told the other panelists. "Y'all get to drive all the time and don't nothing happen to y'all. And we're black, and I'm afraid to drive my damn car because if they don't know who I am, I could be shot."

"And until y'all feel that," she said, pointing to the audience, "ain't none of this gonna stop. Until you all, that are not black feel us and stand with us, this is not going to stop."

Watch the video, embedded below: