WATCH: Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Fallon ridicule Donald Trump's 'bromance' with Putin
Hillary Clinton with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show -- NBC screen grab

Following his much maligned interview with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon sat down former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and played straight man so she could get in a few digs at her Republican rival.

Mentioning that Trump had recently visited the show, the host said that the GOP nominee had left a few things behind in his dressing room, with Fallon pulling out a rumpled brown paper bag.

Lifting  out a heart-shaped photo frame, Fallon said, "This must be a framed photo of his wife, isn't it? Oh, no, it's not."

With the camera pulling in to reveal a picture of Russian strongman Valdimir Putin, Clinton remarked, "Yeah, the most famous bromance going."

"Besides me and Timberlake," the late night host quipped.

Among other items extracted was Trump's copy of Pink Floyd's "The Wall,' with Clinton stating, "That's about as close as he's gonna get to the wall."

Watch the video below via NBC: