WATCH: Morning Joe panel bursts out laughing after 'flailing' Trump urges voters to watch a sex tape
Morning Joe discusses the Trump campaign's implosion (Screen cap).

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump went on a rage-filled tweet storm against former Miss Universe model Alicia Machado on early Friday morning, and the entire panel on Morning Joe could not believe their eyes.

Even Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, who is normally about as straight-laced as they come, had a tough time holding back laughter as he read out Trump's early-morning tweets.

Among other things, Trump said that "Crooked Hillary" was "used by my worst Miss U," whom he called "disgusting" because, among other things, she purportedly appeared in a sex tape that Trump urged voters to "check out."

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For the record, Snopes has found that Machado "has not starred in a series of pornographic films," although she did "made an allegedly risqué appearance on a TV reality show and was pictured topless in Playboy magazine."

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said that it seems as though the staffer tasked with taking away Trump's phone before he goes to bed had the night off, which left Trump free to do whatever he wants.

"It's... flailing," Robinson said of Trump's behavior. "He can't deal with the fact that he got creamed in that debate. Earlier in the week, he was apparently raving at the surrogates to go out and say that he won the debate, rather than he lost the debate."

Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, meanwhile, said that Trump is simply unable to help himself unless he is somehow physically restrained by his handlers to stop lashing out at every single slight.

"He can't get over the slight that he feels was handed to him during the debate," Stein said. "This is who he is."

Check out the whole video below.