WATCH: Trump-loving pastor confuses himself on CNN by claiming GOP candidate saved auto industry

A Donald Trump-backing black pastor flabbergasted Detroit's former mayor by claiming the Republican presidential candidate and former reality TV star had bailed out the auto industry.

Darrell Scott, pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, promoted Trump's black outreach Friday morning on CNN's "New Day," saying the Republican candidate was trying to appeal to voters by pointing out the problems in their communities and then promising to fix them.

"Detroit is in bad shape," Scott said. "It's in bad shape economically, it's in bad shape as far as crime is concerned, and so you have a candidate that's saying, 'I want to improve the conditions of the city economically, I want to improve the condition of the city as far as crime is concerned' -- you can't turn a deaf ear to that, whoever it is."

Dennis Archer, a former Michigan Supreme Court justice who served as Detroit mayor from 1994 to 2002, said he agreed that voters should pay attention to candidates who promise reform -- but he disputed Scott's characterization of his hometown.

The two men argued back and forth until co-host Alisyn Camerota asked the former mayor to let the pastor continue his statements.

"You have someone saying, 'I'm going to be put in a position to help Detroit in the areas that it most needs help,'" Scott said -- and then things got weird.

"He bailed out the auto industry," Scott claimed, inaccurately, as Archer reacted in puzzled surprise.

Former President George W. Bush agreed to a temporary bailout of Chrysler and General Motors in late 2008, and his successor, President Barack Obama, oversaw a more comprehensive bailout that helped the two automakers survive the economic crash.

In 2008, Trump was a Hillary Clinton supporter and star of the NBC reality TV show "The Apprentice."

"I mean, he just, uh, he didn't bail out the auto industry," Scott said, realizing his error. "What I'm saying is, he had been working in relationship with the auto industry in order to stimulate the American auto industry."

Archer then reacted as if someone had detonated a stink bomb in the TV studio, and Scott continued juggling his flamingly fact-free talking points.

"He wants to do that by curbing these imports," the pastor said.