Whining white supremacist kingpin wants LGBT community to condemn Hillary over 'deplorables' jab
White nationalist William Johnson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

The head of the white supremacist American Freedom Party has called upon the LGBT community to step up and condemn Hillary Clinton over her "bullying" comments after Friday night's speech knocking Donald Trump's "basket of deplorables" fans.

In an email sent out to followers, noted by the Daily Beast's Gideon Resnick, the AFP's William Johnson, -- once a Trump delegate -- called out the former Secretary of State for her speech that disparaged the "racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic" voters who have flocked to the Republican's campaign.

"For several months, out alt Right political party, the American Freedom Party, has manned a Trump crisis line so that bullied Trump supporters have a place to go when their property has been vandalized or their person has been threatened," Johnson wrote.

Noting that Clinton made her comments at an LGBT fundraiser, PJohnson reminded the members of the LGBT community that they too had once been bullied.

"It is a shame that Hillary Clinton used a forum before a group that has been bullied for generations to bully everyday citizens who support Trump for president," he continued.

"The alt Right movement calls on the LGBT movement, who has experienced the scarring effects of bullying, to condemn Hillary Clinton's mean-spirited words against Donald Trump's alt-Tight supporters and urge her to detract (sic) them."

Johnson warned failure to do so could result in more bullying against voters.