‘You can’t say another thing about Hillary Clinton’: CNN panel shuts down Scottie Nell Hughes
CNN panel turns on Scottie Nell Hughes (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes had a bad night on CNN Thursday when she told the panel that no one could make claims about Mr. Trump because he was "innocent until proven guilty." The panel quickly noted the hypocrisy.

In a discussion about yet another possibly illegal act from the Trump Foundation added to the embarrassing moment Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway outed her boss for breaking the Cuban embargo in the 1990s, Hughes quickly pivoted to talking about the Clinton Foundation. The panel called her out on the hilarious turn, but she swore she didn't just avoid talking about Trump's alleged illegal actions.

"This is reporting and we've discussed the foundation and the e-mails," host Don Lemon said "You've had your say about it. This is a new read from the Washington Post that we're discussing so now you want to pivot back to another old issue, but go on."

"It's investigative, it's ongoing," Hughes insisted. "We don't know both sides to the story right now so we're going to go on and report he's done something illegal when that's not actually been proven in a court of law yet. Last time I checked this is America. We're innocent until proven guilty, but we don't care about that."

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona jumped in quickly. "If that's true, Scottie, then you cannot say one other thing about Hillary Clinton because she's not been -- nothing has come out in the court of law against her, so if you believe what you actually just said you cannot say one additional bad thing about Hillary Clinton."

Hughes tried to throw out more Clinton allegations but Cardona wasn't having it. "You can't say anything because nothing has come out in the court of law."

Check out the hilarious video below: