'Your soul is dark': Charles Blow torches Trump's cynical visit to black church in Detroit
New York Times columnist Charles Blow on CNN New Day discussing Trump's minority outreach effort (Screen capture)

Donald Trump's decision to visit a black church this past weekend has been trashed by a lot of black activists and writers as a cynical move designed to show suburban white people that he's not really a racist.

New York Times writer Charles Blow in particular is fed up with Trump's shenanigans, and he brutally takes him to the shed in his Monday column. Specifically, Blow is furious that Trump has the gall to whine about media coverage that depicts him as racist.

"You have proudly brandished your abrasiveness, and now you want to whine and moan about your own abrasions," Blow writes. "Not this day. Not the next day. Not ever. You will never shake the essence of yourself. Your soul is dark, your character corrupt. You are a reprobate and a charlatan who has ridden a wave of intolerance to its crest."

He then reminds us of some of Trump's greatest hits, including:

  • His role in promoting the "birther" conspiracy theory about President Obama
  • His claim that Mexico is intentionally sending rapists across the border into our country
  • His lies about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11
  • Mocking a disabled reporter and then lying about it
  • Encouraging supporters to "knock the crap" out of protesters at his rallies

"You are not to be praised for your fourth quarter outreach, but reviled for it, because it contains contempt, not contrition," Blow seethes. "Everything about this spectacle was offensive: that a black pastor had invited this money changer into the temple to defile it; that Trump was once again using the objects of his aggression for a last-ditch photo-op; that news media continue to call this an 'outreach to black voters,' when it’s clearly not."

Check out the whole column at this link.