6 men join so-called ‘Men’s Rights Activist’ to protest non-existent ‘War on Men’ at Allred’s office
Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

Men's rights activist Jesse Lee Peterson held a protest outside Attorney Gloria Allred's Los Angeles office on Tuesday because, according to Peterson, she is waging a war on men, Right Wing Watch reports.

Allred is representing two of the women who have accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of sexual assault, whom Peterson has compared to Satan.

There were only an estimated six individuals who showed up in support with signs that read, "Gloria Allred Stop the War on Men" and "Say 'No' to #SickHillary."

Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 12 women thus far. His most recent accuser came forward on Thursday morning during a press conference in New York and is being represented by Allred.

During his rally at Allred's offices on Tuesday, Peterson said, "I mean, the Democrats have been able to falsely accuse Republicans of hating women, hating the homosexuals, hating the blacks."

He added, "They’ve accused them of being rapists. And the Republicans have not stood up and fought back and exposed the Democrats. Donald Trump is doing that and the Democrats don’t know how to handle that."