Angela Rye blisters Comey for violating the Hatch Act: 'How is he not influencing the election?'
CNN contributor Angela Rye -- (screen grab)

CNN contributor Angela Rye tore into FBI Director James Comey, Monday evening, saying his letter to Congressional leaders on Friday linking Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to an investigation of ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner violated the Hatch Act.

Citing a Washington Post poll which states that 7 percent of Clinton voters indicated they may be less likely to vote for her after the revelation, Rye noted, "That's a lot of people, that could be the whole election."

The CNN contributor then turned her eye on Comey, saying she believes he illegally influenced the election in violation of the Hatch Act that prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government to use their office to sway elections.

According to Rye, Comey may have broken the law inadvertently, but it is still a criminal act.

"Sometimes you don't have to violate the letter of the law, you can violate the spirit of law," Rye explained. "There's a CNN piece about this that the reality of it is, the numbers you just raised made it very clear he could have very well influenced the election."

"Earlier this year, Julian Castro, the cabinet secretary at HUD, they said he violated the Hatch Act by endorsing Hillary Clinton at an official interview at HUD. So if that is influencing the election, why wouldn't this be influencing the election?" she continued. "We're talking about an agency, a department -- the Department of Justice says don't put anything out like this within 60 days of an election. We're less than two weeks out -- how is that not influencing the election?"

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