Angela Rye ridicules Trump backer defending white woman holding 'Blacks for Trump' sign at rallies
Betsy McCaughey, Angela Rye -- (CNN screen grab)

If one is to believe former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey (R), GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump can expect a surprising amount of African-Americans to vote for him when they cast their votes in two weeks.

Appearing on CNN, the Trump advocate attempted to explain why a white women was holding a "Blacks for Trump" at a recent rally was a good sign for Trump -- as CNN commentator Angela Rye sat back and laughed.

Asked why a white woman was holding the poster, McCaughey said she didn't know exactly why,  but thought it was a sign of the times.

"I have no idea but I certainly understand why many African-Americans would be for Trump," McvCaughey explained as Rye could be heard beginning to laugh in the background.

As McCaughey continued to explain that "African-Americans have taken it on the chin under Barack Obama's two terms," Rye grinned and rolled her eyes before looking at the camera and shaking her head 'no.'

Finally given a chance to respond, Rye was asked about the "Blacks for Trump" sign and if there is such a thing.

"He might have to, to use a throwback term from the 2012 election, he might have a binder-full, but not much more than that," Rye said with a smirk and sly glance at McCaughey.

Watch the video below via Mediaite: