Angela Rye schools Trump booster questioning FBI investigation: Now you know how Black Lives Matter feels
Angel Rye, Amy Kremer -- (CNN screen grab)

Appearing on CNN, Saturday afternoon, Democratic consultant Angela Rye used FBI head James Comey's botched release of information about an announcement Hillary Clinton's emails to illustrate how law enforcement investigations can be questioned.

Addressing the letter released by Comey on Friday -- that was long on innuendo, but short on facts -- conservative Trump booster Amy Kremer, worried about the integrity of the FBI a day after Trump suggested the investigation may mean the election is not as rigged as he has been asserting.

"What Trump is saying is he hopes, just like I hope and I'm sure everybody hopes, the FBI is not politicized," Kremer explained. "That they are doing the right thing. And just as we can't assume, and Trump can't, that there is something there, you can't assume there's not something there. We need to let them do their investigation and let it play out and then I'm sure they will come and tell us what's going on."

Rye, whose eyes lit up when Kremer questioned the FBI, was ready when given a chance to respond.

"I agree with you on this, if you can't trust the FBI, who can you trust? " Rye said. "You actually sound like a lot of Black Lives Matter protesters. Law enforcement has a treacherous relationship with African Americans in this country and people of color.  I think that, for the first time, you're seeing that sometimes we are not always on the receiving end of the target."

As for the Huma Abedin emails, Rye added, "The reality is, I can actually assume, based on what evidence is already dictated, that there is no there there - this a nothingburger."

Watch the video below via CNN: