Jill Stein is heavily invested in the industries she attacks on the campaign trail, including Big Pharma, defense contractors and oil companies.

The Harvard-educated physician, who said she inherited “over a half-million dollars” from her parents, has built significant wealth through her investments, according to an analysis of her financial-disclosure form by The Daily Beast.

Stein presents herself and the Green Party as the most ethically and morally pure choice for voters, saying she had long ago abandoned the Democratic and Republican parties "because they are really a front group for the 1 percent, for predatory banks, fossil-fuel giants, and war profiteers.”

The Daily Beast examined the mutual funds and index funds in which Stein is most heavily invested and then performed a simple Google search of each to find publicly available marketing documents showing where each fund invested customers' money.

Stein and her husband, Richard Roher, have investments valued between $3,832,050 to $8,505,000, according to documents examined by the website.

The couple has up to $2.2 million invested in funds such as the Vanguard 500, which puts capital into energy companies such as Exxon -- which Stein has said should get the death penalty for "climate-change fraud" -- Chevron, Duke Energy, Conoco Phillips and Toho Gas.

Stein has also invested up to $2.65 million in funds that hold significant stakes in big banks, such as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo.

She has denounced some of those banks by name on the campaign trail as part of her broader attack on the banking industry and Wall Street.

Stein also holds investments worth up to $2.4 million in funds that maintain stakes in the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, and Allergan, and she has invested up to $100,000 in Merck.

The physician also has up to $1.1 million invested in funds that holds stakes in the tobacco company Phillip Morris International, and up to $100,000 invested in a fund that holds significant stakes in the defense contractor Raytheon.

Stein responded to The Daily Beast with a lengthy statement issued through her campiagn, saying she had little control of her investments.

“Like many Americans who hold retirement accounts, pension funds, or who invest in the American economy, my finances are largely held in index funds or mutual funds over which I have no control in management or decision-making," Stein said through her campaign. "Sadly, most of these broad investments are as compromised as the American economy—degraded as it is by the fossil-fuel, defense and finance industries.”