Bill Maher birthday wish answered — Obama will appear on his show: He's 'come through in the end'
Bill Maher and Barack Obama (Photo: Screen capture)

Last January, Bill Maher turned 60-years-old and as a gift, he begged President Barack Obama to come on his HBO show "Real Time." Maher argued that Obama has done every show except for his, despite Maher's overwhelming support for Obama over the years.

Maher launched a petition on, which has a policy that once a petition garners over 100,000 signatures they will respond to it. Maher asked his audience to sign and within 36 hours the petition reached its goal. A week later the number was well over 300,000.

At the time, Obama said no but wished the comedian happy birthday anyway.

“It would have been easy just to say yes,” a disappointed Maher told his audience the following week. “This is not the Syrian peace talks.”

But now, Obama promises he'll do it.

In a video released on Maher's YouTube channel he explained that the plea wasn't for himself because he felt he was entitled to it but for his viewers, who he described as a "large, loyal, audience."

"I'm thrilled the president has, as he did with the country, come through in the end," Maher said.

Check out the video message below: