Chelsea Handler: Ivanka Trump would be an 'American hero' if she called her dad out as a 'sexual predator'
Chelsea Handler on Real Time -- (HBO screen grab)

Appearing on HBO's Real Time, comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler indulged in a little fantasy of Ivanka Trump destroying her dad's campaign by calling him out for what he is: a "sexual predator."

Speaking with host Bill Maher, Handler said she had an opportunity to meet and greet the daughter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, but refused, saying, "I just can't."

"If she were to come forward, and I know this is a fantasy, but if she were to come forward now after everything her father has done and said about women, that's been recorded, that's been proven time and time again, which he consistently denies," she explained. " If she were to do that, she would be an American hero."

Speaking as Ivanka, Handler continued, "Like, I'm sorry, I know it's my dad. My dad is sexually inappropriate and he's disgusting, and you can bet your ass that if he tried to run for office, I'd f*cking stop him."

Watch the video below via HBO: