Clearly delusional surrogate Jeffrey Lord says video scandal will 'whip up enthusiasm' for Trump
Jeffrey Lord on CNN trying to spin the video scandal as a positive for Donald Trump (Screen capture)

Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord got pounded during a Saturday evening appearance on CNN after he suggested that the erupting video scandal over the candidate's lewd 2005 remarks about women will be good for the campaign.

Anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Lord how he feels Trump is handling the crisis since the vulgar remarks were made public on Friday.

"So far, so good," Lord said. "I think the video was good, it was good of him to get out there."

"How can you say so good?" Blitzer asked. "Look at the reaction from your fellow Republicans."

"Well, let's talk about that for a second," Lord said, "because what we've got, we had that clip with Mayor Giuliani saying it's insiders versus outsiders. That's what's been going on all year long, and the interesting fact is that the more this happens with elites across the board, the more that is going to push his base and whip up enthusiasm out there."

"That's not enough to get him elected president," Blitzer said.

"Well, I think it can extend well beyond that. We've talked about the Bill Clinton situation. One of the things that happened in that episode was that his numbers went up," Lord said.

Even as Blitzer pointed out that Republicans of all stripes are abandoning Trump, Lord insisted that they will be sorry.

"I really think they're making a big mistake in misjudging the temper of the country, here," he insisted.

Former Mitt Romney campaign aide Lanhee Chen said that the Republicans who are distancing themselves from Trump are thinking about "the future of the Republican Party" as opposed to the present, and safeguarding their own "political fortunes."

Democratic strategist Patti Solis Doyle called Trump's handling of the scandal "abysmal" and that "there was no remorse there, no contrition" in Trump's apologies.

Blitzer sparred with Lord, asking him whether he characterizes Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Tea Party congressman from Utah who has been part of the quixotic "fight in Congress against Hillary Clinton and the e-mails?"

Lord said that he "used to have a high opinion" of Chaffetz, but is rethinking in the wake of Chaffetz' decision on Saturday to un-endorse Trump's candidacy.

"They are, I think, not helping themselves by this," Lord said of the politicians running from Trump.

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