CNN's GOP women go off on Trump: 'It is not locker room talk — he is talking about sexual assault'
CNN women talk about Trump's vulgar words (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican CNN commentators joined together in an all female panel tonight to discuss the impact Donald Trump's 2005 hot mic moment will impact his campaign and what it means for women and for the Republican party. Pundits have called it deplorable and called Trump a "dirty old man" in the few short hours since the news broke. These women joined the chorus.

Host John Berman, filling in for Anderson Cooper tonight, said that it sounded like something college students moving to campus "might be hearing about or warned about on orientations on sexual assault."

Former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter agreed, saying she sees this as a broader problem with the Republican party and hopes her fellow republicans will swiftly come out against these statements.

"This is bigger than Trump," she said. "This is about the Republican — and if there is any elected — party. A Republican official, who doesn't know what to say, they should call up a rape survivor tonight and ask them what they heard when they heard Donald Trump say these words? This isn't as Reince Priebus said talking about something that Trump describes women this way. Trump is saying this is something that he did. This isn't harassment. It is not locker room talk. He is talking about sexual assault. There is no other way to frame this."

She went on to a fire exploration as a mother of a small child and that she hopes this is not what the Republican party will become. "And right now this election is going to be about how the Republican party treats women. And right now seeing the statements come out from other Republicans trying to dismiss this or go past it? I don't know what that answer is. I want to be in this party. But if they will not respect women and recognize that Donald Trump is boasting about sexual assault, we women cannot stand by this."

Once again, Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes tried to spin this being half as bad as Hillary Clinton and her policies over the years. However, Trump surrogate and supporter Kayleigh McEnany wasn't willing to join in lock-step with her. McEnany went so far as to say that Trump's apology wasn't enough and that he must "humble himself" before the American people and apologize with earnest.

Check out the video below: