Fox News' last gasp: Deathly-ill Hillary only surviving the campaign by chugging 'booster drugs'
Ed Klein tells 'Fox & Friends' that Hillary Clinton must be taking stimulants to hide her poor health (Screen cap).

How can you tell that Hillary Clinton is winning? Because Fox News is resorting to floating increasingly outlandish conspiracies about her.

Case in point: On Fox & Friends on Tuesday, conservative author Ed Klein claimed that he has a source from within the White House who told him that Hillary Clinton has been taking performance-enhancing drugs to cover up the fact that she's extremely sick.

Apparently, Klein's "source" said that Hillary Clinton couldn't stop coughing during a recent visit to the White House, which supposedly baffled both President Obama and Michelle Obama. In fact, at one point Obama had to call in one of his doctors to examine Clinton because she was just so sick.

"Afterward, the president, and the first lady, and a guest started to discuss Hillary's health," Klein explained. "And they decided that there was no way that the Hillary that they saw that day was the same Hillary that the public is seeing in the debates and in her rallies. She was not a well woman when she was in front of them, and suddenly she's as fit as a fiddle when she's in public."

The only way that Klein could explain this difference? He believes Hillary must be chugging stimulants.

"They decided she must be on some kind of booster drug," Klein said. "Michelle said she was convinced that Hillary had to be on some sort of stimulant drug in order to make it through this campaign."

After the interview, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy touted Klein's revelations as "another exclusive" that he "hadn't... heard anywhere" else.

Watch the whole segment below.