'I did not know that Mormons use drugs': GOP Rep gets snippy over Harry Reid's letter to Comey
Trey Gowdy

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared to be openly auditioning for a reboot of Mean Girls when he appeared on Fox News Sunday afternoon.

Gowdy -- who has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in a fruitless effort to find evidence of wrongdoing in then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's handling of the 2001 Benghzi attack -- told Fox's Bret Baier that everybody hates Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and can't wait for him to retire.

The Republican was responding to Reid's blistering letter to FBI Director James Comey regarding Comey's decision to fire up the Clinton email investigation on what appears to be the flimsiest of pretexts.

"Well, thank god he's leaving is my initial reaction," huffed Gowdy. "My second reaction is I did not know Mormons use drugs and anyone who is capable of sending that press release has to be under the influence of something."

He then pivoted to attack Clinton, saying, "The person who is responsible for this pattern is Secretary Clinton. Jim Comey did not tell her to use a private server."

Watch the video, embedded below: