Ivanka Trump distances herself from father's campaign: 'I'm not a surrogate, I'm a daughter'
Ivanka Trump speaks at an event in California (MSNBC/screen grab)

Hours before the third presidential debate on Wednesday, Ivanka Trump sought to distance herself from her father's campaign.

At Fortune’s The Most Powerful Women Summit, Time editor-in-chief Nancy Gibbs asked Ivanka Trump about her role as "one of the most visible members of the inner circle of a Republican nominee who just in the last two weeks has body shamed a Miss Universe contestant and appeared in that [Access Hollywood] tape and suggested that other women that accused him were too unattractive [for him] to have assaulted."

"My brand was launched far before the presidential cycle commenced," Ivanka Trump replied. "And I've always tried to maintain complete separation between that and the campaign."

"I hate the word surrogate," she added. "Because what does that mean? When people talk about I'm his confidante -- at one point, major newspapers were writing that I was a vice presidential candidate. I'm saying, no, I'm a daughter."

She also insisted that she never expresses "views on policy" with the exception of childcare and women's rights.

"But I'm not a surrogate," she opined. "I'm a daughter. I stood in front of the [Republican National Convention] and shared that I'm an independent, which is very consistent with many other millennials."

"But I do dismiss this idea of a surrogate because I don't think it appreciates the role that I'm playing as my father's daughter... I'm not the campaign mastermind."

While Ivanka Trump may not view herself as a surrogate, she may find her brand tarnished by her father's campaign, according to The Daily Beast's James Kirchick.

"Perhaps due to her beauty, serene composure, and ability to translate her father’s half-literate ramblings into semi-coherent policy proposals, Ivanka Trump has remained unscathed by her father’s 16-month effort to ruin the family name," Kirchick wrote this week. "Which is inexplicable, because all that Ivanka’s involvement in this campaign has revealed is that she’s the pretty face of a white nationalist political movement, a truly bizarre place for a University of Pennsylvania-educated, Upper East Side doyenne to wind up."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Oct. 19, 2016.