John Oliver dismantles 'racist toddler' Donald Trump's 'incoherent nonsense' about winning the debate
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver - (HBO/screenshot)

It has been almost a week, but we had to wait until Sunday night to get the last word on Donald Trump's disastrous Monday night debate performance from Emmy award-winning HBO host John Oliver.

According to the Last Week Tonight comedian, "As I'm sure you know by now, Donald Trump's performance consisted mainly of an incoherent jumble of sniffles and nonsense like a racist toddler coming out of dental surgery."

Sharing a clip of Trump touting his temperament, Oliver quipped, "For the record, you can't incoherently rant about having the best temperament. That is a claim that disproves itself. It's like getting a forehead tattoo that says, 'I have excellent judgement.'"

Oliver also highlighted Trump's insistence that he won the debate by citing easily-gamed online polls, before noting that even Fox News undermined the accuracy of the polls stating, they "do not meet our editorial standards."

"Which is shocking," Oliver admitted. "Because I was pretty sure Fox News' only editorial standards were 'All ladies must be 8's or above,' and 'Try not to say the N-word.'"

Watch the video via YouTube: