Jorge Ramos: Trump can't expect Latino votes while calling us 'rapists' and 'bad hombres’
Jorge Ramos & Anderson Cooper (YouTube)

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, popular Fusion host Jorge Ramos discussed Republican nominee Donald Trump's failure to reach Latino voters in the 2016 election cycle.

Cooper started off by rightfully noting how Arizona could likely go blue this year for the first time in 20 years. The CNN anchor asked what that means, specifically in regards to Trump's continuous racist statements about the Latino community.

Ramos responded, "I think it means that 'bad hombres' doesn't work. It means that if you continuously use stereotypes to describe Latinos and immigrants, it isn't going to work. I saw the last poll, NBC and the Wall Street Journal. Donald Trump right now has 17 percent."

He explained how it is impossible for Trump to win with only 17 percent of the Latino vote, citing how Republican nominee Mitt Romney lost in 2012 with 27 percent, and John McCain before him in 2008 with 31 percent.

Ramos spoke with Matt Wilstein at the Daily Beast about Trump's choice to use the term "bad hombres" during the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night.

"[Trump]’s using a stereotype. And he’s absolutely wrong," he explained, "because all of the studies that I’ve seen clearly conclude that immigrants are less likely to be criminals, or to be behind bars that those born in the United States. That’s a fact."

"In 2044, white non-Hispanics will become a minority," Ramos told Cooper on Friday night. "So, if you keep on saying that Latinos are bad hombres, criminal, rapists, you cannot say,  'Okay you are a rapist but please vote for me.' It doesn't work that way."

You can watch the full clip of Ramos speaking with Anderson Cooper below.