Megyn Kelly shames Trump backer attempting to dismiss sexual abuse accusations
David Wohl, Megyn Kelly, Julie Roginsky -- Fox News screen grab

A very curt Megyn Kelly talked over -- and then down -- to a Trump-backing attorney who attempted to make the seemingly endless sexual abuse accusations being lobbed at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump go away by asserting the presumption of innocence.

Appearing on The Kelly Files Friday night with Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, attorney David Wohl first attempted to undercut the statement given by Trump accuser Kristin Anderson who gave a statement on Friday claiming Trump sexually assaulted her in a New York nightclub in the 90's. He then attacked the credibility of  fellow Trump victim, Summer Zerbos.

"Miss Zerbos, by the way, she looked like she was reading directly from a script," Wohl asserted. "Like she was reading a book."

"What's wrong with that?" Kelly shot back.

"Hard to believe she has a lot of credibility when she reads from a script!" he insisted.

"Oh, c'mon, David, she was nervous," Kelly replied.

"Because Megyn, why doesn't she just speak from the -- Why can't she just tell the story?" he argued.

"Because she was nervous and she wanted to get it right. The stakes are very high," Kelly lectured him before Wohl attempted to pivot to talking about a Wikileaks release of Democratic Party emails -- earning him a terse, "We'll get to that," from Kelly.

Wohl later admitted he disapproved of Trump's hitting back at the women by saying they weren't attractive enough to assault, but tried to diminish it by saying if you strike out at Trump he hits back "twice as hard."

Pressed by Kelly if Trump could get past all the accusations being thrown his way before the election, Wohl said that the Trump being described by his accusers is "not the man I know."

“Generally the sexual predators don’t do it to their guy friends,” Kelly said as she cut him off.

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